Friday, January 4, 2008

My New Obsession

If you haven't seen the movie Nanny McPhee, you should go out and watch it right now. Yes, it's very similar to Mary Poppins (the helpful nanny with magical powers and the ability to bring the family back together and all) but the main reason to watch it is because of the sets and wardrobe.

Everything is all crazy colors and patters and none of it should match or go together but it does. In a so wild its great kind of way.

I love color and inspite of my self-imposed wardrobe color pallette, I would secretly love to dress as vibrantly as they do. I wish my house was that intense as well.

Even the muted tones still have whimsical contrast and I love the textures in this grey outfit of Colin Firth.

I totally aspire to his wardrobe throughout. In his wedding outfit for example - he's wearing the palest tan color but his tie looks like it's a very very pale watery blue-lavender. Gorgeous!

Every character and room in the film is filled with the most inspired color and pattern combinations. You have to watch it a few times to absorb them all.

But my favorite by far is this grassy green velvet jacket that he wears a few times during the movie. This is my new obsession. I MUST have a velvet jacket in this color (minus the tails).

Must. Have. Jacket.

Is there any hope?

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Daniela said...

I think you'd have to have one made, which shouldn't be too much. I love how the Vogue pattern collection features patterns by designers I love. Check out this jacket by Michael Kors:

I think it'd look perfect in bottle green velvet.

I love Nanny McPhee, and I'm really really happy that I'm not the only person who watches movies for the wardrobe and set design. I thought they did a brilliant job matching the characters to the clothing. My favorite was when Nanny was talking to the servant girl at the wedding, and as they walked down the isle, the whole set changed. I loved her dress as well.