Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dress-Up Time: Argyle Sweater Vest

Yes, I should be doing my work that I avoided doing on Friday, or I should be cleaning or something productive but I'd rather goof around on Polyvore while wearing my pj's.

I'm slack, I know.

So, here's my adorable pup (okay, he's 14 but he's still spry so don't tell him he's old):

Now we're not ones to dress up our pets around here. First of all he's a boy dog and doesn't go for any of the frou-frou stuff. He actually hates it. A lot. But it's been pretty cold and as you can see, he had to get a trim. After being boarded during all our trips this Fall he got kind of skanky and matted so I had to give him a hair cut and he was freezing. We thought we would give a sweater a try and he actually hasn't seemed to mind it.

Since I've done some "Inspired by Nature" posts I thought it would be fun to see what outfits I could come up with to coordinate with Mr. Little Sweater Vest there.

I wanted to pull in some of the colors and argyle for the casual ideas. I've got the skirt and jeans and the patent mary janes, but added a top from ModCloth and the zipper top is from Fashion Bug. The hat is Hello Kitty and the wellies are

We do like to take our dogs out with us when we can so I did a couple walking around sundress outfits. From left to right:
1. Debenhams dress with Target necklace, Forever 21 bangle and green Lucite sandals from Bakers
2. TopShop dress, Target necklace, vintage acrylic bangles and my Prada flower heels
3. Paul & Joe shirt dress, ToyWatch acrylic watch, JCrew knee-socks and Payless Lela Rose mary janes.

That was fun!

I love Polyvore (obviously). Making these outfits can be so fun. The favorite sets I've seen so far have been done by MissCedar. She did some Alice in Wonderland sets that I'm dying to own and wear around. They're just adorable.

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