Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

Well, I was looking at my outfits from yesterday and today and they look really boring. They were not as blah as this, I swear. But sometimes I find Polyvore extremely limiting. Why don't they have my entire wardrobe on there! Geez!

Anyway, in spite of the overwhelming blah-ness, here's what we had.

The Outfit
Yesterday I wore my grey denim skirt with a charcoal grey sweater. What my sweater had though, was a bright green band around the neckline and green cuffs that went up about a quarter of the way up the arm. I think this is actually a Target Go International sweater, but for the life of me I can't remember which one.

I was going to pair the outfit with some black and white rugby socks but they were too bulky so I just ended up wearing my Target patent mary janes.

The Focal Point
I did liven up the neckline with my Paraphernalia Fauna Chicken Claw necklace.

Yeah, it's pretty much this big. Given the fact that we have chickens, I find this hilarious.

Is today much better. Not really. I'm too chilly to be innovative. But I am warm and comfortable.

The Outfit
Denim skirt. Red Cable knit sweater (cozy) and my Hetty Rose bespoke heels.

As jewelry, I'm wearing my new Ananda Khalsa necklace from Asheville. Can you see the pretty birdy? I think it has a delicate Asian feel to it, so it makes sense with my shoes.

The Focal Point
I haven't worn my Hetty Rose heels nearly enough, so the red was just an excuse to play them up. I think I may have to drop her an email to see if she has any new fabric in stock. I might need another pair, I love them so much.

So not too bland, right?