Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shoe Anguish

I have a good friend that is getting married in November and she has asked me to be in the wedding party. I have never been a bridesmaid, so I am kind of apprehensive about it. Mostly because I am not sure how I feel about being "on display" in an outfit not of my choosing.

Well, to be honest, to some degree it was of my choosing. We were told that we could pick any dress at David's Bridal in the Truffle color. It's not a bad color really, it's just not a color I would choose to wear given my coloring. The brown is sort of a reddish-brown and my hair is a bright-ish auburn red and I have a lot of pink/red tones to my skin. I think I may clash.

Plus the styles available in this color are not great for me either. I have never really worn/liked strapless or sleeveless clothes but those are your main options. The wedding is in November, but is is in Florida, so I don't think I will be freezing. I guess I can't use that as an excuse. Anyway, after debating between a few of the options, I ended up with this style. I was originally going to get a shorter style but got this, which I will need to get hemmed. Which brings up the question of what shoes to wear. Because you have to know when you go in to get the hemming done.

We have been requested to wear some form of a metallic shoe with the dress. In spite of my vast collection of shoes, I am having a challenge with this because a) I don't really wear this color a lot, and b) I'm not sure of what colors would actually look good with this.

I immediately ruled silver out. I don't think that would look good at all. So then I went to gold. I have a pair of gold Manolo heels some what similar to this pair. In person they are a very bright gold like 24K. I fear they will be much too gold to go well with the dress.

So I am actually thinking of going with a champagne color, maybe in satin like the Kenneth Cole ones below, to get some of the shine. I think it would be less of a clash of colors. And I actually don't think I have anything in champagne. I may have one pair, but they are glittery and may be too much of a competition with the dress and/or too casual. Not that I don't want to distract people away from me in the dress. Hmmm....

What I would actually like to wear is something bright and jewel toned like grass green or a bright teal or, like this, bright rose.

I love the feather poof on these Kate Spade heels.

And I'm totally smitten with these satin Rose ankle-strap heels from JCrew.

I can have the dress hemmed right to the floor so they'll be kind of hidden which makes them perfect, right? Or is the wedding just an excuse to buy them.

Decisions, decisions!


Anonymous said...

Nude nude nude!

nude goes great with anything! You can also get them as bejeweled as you want to! It will still look classy and not over-the-top.

Anonymous said...

get them Style F12723, girl! Then you gotsta shows off ya shoes! Them pythen pomps look good two with them truffle colour.

Princess Poochie said...


Actually F12723 was the other dress I tried on and my original first choice. But the v-neck was a bit too high on me.

I'll just have to kick up my heels and hold up my skirt to show off my lovely footwear choice.


Anonymous said...

you must purchase these! If you have the money!

Sergio rossi never looked so good!


Anonymous said...

Princess Poochie said...

Those are both gorgeous options! I'll have to see if they have my size!