Saturday, October 20, 2007

Designer Focus - Le Silla

As I look through more and more blogs, websites and publications, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the gorgeous product to be found. And with more and more young designers making it to the marketplace and more websites and stores carrying their lines, I'm branching out from the core of Louboutin, Choo and Blahnik.

I really admire these newer designers and am inspired by their designs and unique aesthetics.

The newest designer I'm totally smitten with is Le Silla. The source of inspiration for Enio Silla, who has always been the Le Silla designer, is to materialize the idea of seduction, to make the image of a woman real and full of femininity. I'm sure that he has pulled from the Louboutin vision as well, but while Louboutins are overtly sexy, I find Le Sillas to have a quieter elegant sex appeal (some of them) with forays into Guiseppe Zanotti/Prada-esque styling.

Their site isn't the easiest to navigate, so be warned. I preferred looking at what was available on the Saks site. This is where I first saw them and fell in love.

The tuxedo styling on these could bring a sexy girliness to a formal pants outfit, class up a pair of jeans or be really different with a suit. What a great shape they have.

These satin d'Orsays are the perfect elegant formal shoe but I would wear these all the time because I find them so feminine and pretty. The fullness of the bow is my favorite part.

Aren't these a pretty take on the mary jane style? I love the stitched pattern on matte satin with the oversized button to give it a fresh modern look.

These are my absolute favorites - their "Stardust Heels". On the site they are described as: Slender bone heels support rich metallic suede. I'm pining for these.

I want all of these shoes! They are officially a new favorite designer. Now I just need to get some!

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