Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beauteous Bespoke

Bespoke is defined as:

- adjective
a. (of clothes) made to individual order; custom-made

One of the great things about the Internet is the ability to connect with new up-and-coming designers from around the world and to be able to purchase items that are unique with amazing craftsmanship. You can collaborate with these designers and have items halfway around the world created to your specifications and then shipped directly to you.

One designer that I was completely taken with is Hetty Rose shoes. She has beautiful and interesting designs, but what sets her apart is that she creates them using vintage kimono fabric. I fell in love with the Amalie style. It really shows off the design of the fabric. What I also like is that both shoes will be different based on how the fabric drapes on the shoe.

After speaking with Henrietta about the shoe I wanted, she sent me a list of measurements needed. So we traced my feet, took some pictures, filled in the dimensions and sent them off to her to match up with a last in my size.

Henrietta had just gone to Japan on a fabric buying trip and provided me of pictures of 5 or so fabric options to choose from. I have to tell you - it was difficult to decide. The designs were beautiful - so full of color and interest. I debated a while between a two of the fabrics but in the end I chose this pattern.

The colors were very vibrant and I liked how the white background would make them pop!

Then it was time to pick my heel. I had four options to decide between: a skinnier heel, a more curvy chunky heel, the wood heel below or the wood heel covered in fabric as it was shown on the website. Because I wanted to showcase as much of the fabric as possible, I picked the wood heel covered in the fabric.

Henrietta sent me updates about how my shoes were progressing and event sent me photos of the work in progress. Here is my fabric on the last and cut out ready to be assembled. We did have one running change when she found a small smudge on the toe fabric of one shoe. It was easily solved by adding a signature Hetty Rose peep-toe. You can see the proposed placement in the top image.

A few weeks and they are done! Henrietta sent me pictures of my finished beauties before carefully wrapping them up and winging them away to America! Didn't they turn out great!

I love the mix of black, yellow, pink, salmon and red.

The leather inside is very very soft and the hand-stitching around the peep-toe and the edges is a playful touch. One of my favorite parts is that the sole of the shoe says "Hand Made with Love by Hetty Rose".

They are so eye-catching. I got tons of compliments and inquiries about them.

Prices vary by style and fabric, etc., but they well within the range of other non-custom designer shoes. I would highly recommend her. Plus, how often do you get to say that you have the only pair in the world of these shoes.


LallaLydia said...

ohmigod I love that you've having your shoes custom made. I didn't think anyone (besides the hobnobs) actually could DO that anymore. I am now cruising on over to ogle Hetty Rose. Thanks! More posts on individual custom designers greatly appreciated.

Princess Poochie said...

I have a few others I want to feature but I'm hoping to get the shoes from them first to give a 360-degree story.

Glad you liked them! She does great work. I may have to get more!

ladyjulianne said...

Those are lovely! I can't wait until I finally have enough money to have bespoke shoes - no more wasted hours trawling the high street for my size. I'm not into "real" jewellery or "designer" clothing, so I think it will be possible.