Monday, September 8, 2008

Blogger Inspiration: Liebemarlene

I like to give credit when I find someone's style inspirational. As I mentioned before, when I see another person or blogger wearing or talking about a great piece or outfit that I like too, I'm excited to incorporate it into my wardrobe and put my own spin on it.

Miss Rhiannon of Liebemarlene Vintage has an amazing eye and a very gorgeously consistent style. And she looks just adorable in all of her vintage finds. She tends to wear a lot of cute short dresses, with and without tights and high socks, paired with little t-straps, sandals and oxfords.

In the Fall and Winter I wear as many of my colored tights as I can and this year I am already stocked up and pining for the cool weather to start so I can break them out. One thing I needed this year was a pair of brown oxfords to go with them. And this pair from Nine West were just perfect. They have the same sweet styling that Rhiannon's do and they are just what I wanted.

They are very well made with great stitching and detail work.

I was so exited to see these on Zappos because I was able to get them with my gift certificate. These are also going to go great with my new jeans, blazers and scarfs for the even chillier days.

One of my favorite elements of fashion today is to find inspiration in people and designers (especially independent ones) from all over the world then bring it home and combine it together with pieces I have. One any given day, I could have built my outfit using a color cue from someone I read but with pieces from Australia, the UK, New York, vintage, Etsy and Target. Global access means we have a broader palette to work onto our own personal canvas.


WendyB said...

Those are a great find.

Ali said...

nice shoes... man I wish I had such a strong aesthetic as liebemarlene... I also want to go thrifting where she lives, there are basically no 'real' vintage clothes left in sydney. grr. so jealous of that girl

Anonymous said...

I saw those oxfords at the mall yesterday and they are CUTE in person, I was drooling over them. The leather is a lot better than you'd expect too from 9W. I would have picked up a pair but I've still got last year's Frye oxfords kicking around.

kristy said...

so cute! great pick, i love the brass button on the heel - it adds the final touch!