Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit

I'm doing the transitional thing again. Trying to work in some of the clothes from summer that I haven't had a chance to wear as well as putting together color combinations that I like the look of.

On Wednesday, I decided to wear this bright pink patterned silky wrap dress from JCrew with the much more substantial dark brown corduroy blazer from Target. One of my favorite elements of the dress (and the reason I bought the same style in three fabrics - on sale!) is the ruffle collar. What's fun with it, is when you wear the dress under a blazer, the ruffle gets pushed up and creates this sort of ornate neckline that really frames your face.

The two colors are very strong and contrast each other well. I walked in the door to work and got all sorts of compliments which I directly contribute to the colors working off of each other.

In keeping with the simple/ornate look I wore one of my new Paraphernalia pieces - a "P for Poochie" Petit Nom Initial Necklace. If you have not found a Paraphernalia piece that you like, you just can't be looking. I think I have about ten pieces and I love them all - from girly to a bit goth.

You're going to be seeing a lot more pieces of hers because I just received a bunch and I'm so excited I'm wearing them almost every day.

For shoes, I wore these Casadei dark brown suede mary janes. I love the shape of these when they're on and the color and material are an equal weight to the blazer - they help to ground the dress.

Plus they have giant pom-poms!

The Focal Point

It was all about the dress and the great color and pattern. I am a sucker for a great saturated pink. I really cannot resist, even when I should.

I think this weekend might be the right time to do the seasonal switch for the closets and pulling out the sweaters. But I'm going to have to keep this transitional idea in mind and not bury anything too deeply that I might want to layer with.


LightStealer said...

Hi Poochie,
I always read your blog and commented sometime. I'd need an info about Paraphernalia: I've ordered two pieces (one of them was right the Petit Nom Initial necklace!), but they apparently got lost in the mail.

I've been writing with Vanda (I guess she's the "maker") and had them re-sent, but still...nothing! I got a bit annoyed, even cause I buy loads of stuff on the net and Royal Mail has always been very efficient (she's in Manchester UK and I'm in Edinburgh UK...should not be too difficult!) :-(

What would you suggest to do? Have you been in touch with her as well?


Princess Poochie said...

Hello LightStealer

Not to worry! I just received my package from Miss Vanda and went through the same thing. Apparently Miss Vanda had a whole slew of packages go missing due to an error on Royal Mail's part. She did a resend and, although it took a while, it arrived just the other day.

I know she's beenout of town and just got back on the 25th. I'm sure she's just catching up. But she is great and will get back you you.

If you have a problem, let me know and I can drop her a note on Twitter. But, the mail has been slow. It took about 2 weeks for mine to get to NC from the UK.

Hope that helps.

Let me know!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, I LOVE those shoes - they are majorly drool-worthy!

LightStealer said...

Hi Poochie,

Miss Vanda and I agreed on a THIRD try to get things delivered...let's hope it's the good one!
I'll let you know and thanks for your availability :-)