Monday, September 15, 2008

We're Back!

Photo by flint knits via Flickr

Well, I'm back from NYC but still need to unpack, do my timesheets from last week (shhhh! Don't tell!), oh yeah, and I have a 7:30a.m. meeting in the morning.

I promise to spill all the details from the Virgo Cupcake Extravaganza, champagne imbibing, Peepsie sightings and maybe a wee bit of shopping!

Tomorrow will be all about catching up!



painter girl said...

Yay! Your back. I can't wait to hear about your trip. I was jealous that you were jet setting to NY again. I am going to have to get there soon.

Joana do Açúcar said...

Hi Lover!
You're back, and I'm about to NYC!!! I can't wait.
Did you shop a lot there?
Was it cold, hot? Sunny?

Princess Poochie said...

Joana, I just missed you!

I didn't shop a lot but we did walk around a lot. And when I was there it was very very hot and humid. I hope it is cooler for your trip.

Are you just going for fun?


Joana do Açúcar said...

Yes..i'm going with my boyfriend for 8 days!
He has already been there, but for me it will be the first time! The very first time!!
I want to visit some of the most popular museums, bakeries...La masion du chocolat (yumi!), of course I want to get to know Manhatan!!! I look forward to go to prada, gucci, channel...but i guess I'll be a little bit shamed! You know...I don't live large.
But I hope to find beatiful things with nice prices ;)