Friday, September 26, 2008

Imitation = Flattery?

Not all that long ago, I wrote about these really classic and very well made brown oxfords that I had bought from Nine West. They're really well made and a classic pair of shoes that will be great forever but are totally on trend right now.

Little did I know how "on trend" the are. I am seeing vintage-y brown oxfords all over the place, especially coming from the designer offerings. I just saw these two pairs in the last few days and was surprised how similar all three looked.

This pair from Rupert Sanderson is on Net-a-Porter now. Very similar color and shape. A bit more added detail with the tassel ends to the laces and the wingtip detailing. The heal is a bit more delicate too. But not far off at all.

And at $950, about ten times more expensive.

These Dolce & Gabbanas are what caught my eye when I first got the latest Barney's catalog. They too are only slightly more detailed than the Nine West pair but are going for $795. I can't find these on the Barney's site, but they do have them at Neiman Marcus for the same price.

I think all three are gorgeous shoes. And I really like the extra detailing of the designer shoe... maybe not 10 times more but... I still like it.

Of course, I'm very happy with my pair and, now that the crisp weather is here, I'll be pairing these up will all sorts of cozy and bright tights as well as some great plaid and tweed skirts.

I love Fall!


StyleScrybe said...

The D&G oxfords are my favorite. I have a thing for metallic accents... they funk up even the simplest stuff. I'm hoping to add them to the collection this fall.

Ashe Mischief said...

Oddly, I love the styling and minimal detail of the Nine West pair most of all!

Couture Carrie said...

Love the tassels on the D&G!


Nastia said...

You should def check out the shoes at,
exhibit a:

exhibit b: