Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit

I was so excited when my new Barbie-pink Louboutins arrived that I had to wear them right away! And since it was cool out I got to finally break into a pair of my new Bebaroque tights. I was crazy and colorful all over!

I love grey and pink together. It such a great combination. Less harsh than pink and black. And this cable-knit sweater dress from Target is a perfect transitional item. It's short sleeved and shortish but warm, snuggly and very very soft. To pull in the pink, I added a bright pink wrap and pink.

These Betty tights from Bebaroque are also very soft and easy to wear. I can't wait to wear the other pairs to see if they are just as comfortable.

The Focal Point

The obvious focal point were my adorned legs... you couldn't get away from that! How great do the graphic tights look with those super shiny bright pink heels???

These heels are very comfortable too. I've never tried a pair of Louboutins in this shape before and I really like them. Plus... killer heel!

More tights action.

I adore red and pink together!

I have other pink shoes, I know, but these are just sooooo very PINK! Swoon! I Y them!



I think only Louboutin can match so beautifully red soles and pink in such a perfect pump.

lopi said...

It all looks amazing! The tights, the pink patent, the red soles, everything! So jealous right now!

WendyB said...

Those tights and shoes are divine together.

TheShoeGirl said...


Princess Poochie said...

Thanks all!


VannaV said...

Love ... tights, shoes ... and your attitude :)