Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tugging on your Heart Strings

I'm not going to be able to sum this situation up as eloquently as Miss Wendy, so I will direct you to her site and her posts for Nie Nie, the lovely blogger, and her husband who were both badly burned in a plane crash.

Like many others on the interwebs, I want help drive some traffic to the auction Wendy is doing and to ask for donations for this family. Plus... I'm a little scared if I don't Miss Wendy will kick my a**!

Head over to her site and read here, here and here , then bid on this lovely necklace (plus the other goodies Wendy is adding in) or send a donation of any amount via Paypal.

So go! Bid! Donate! And tell Wendy I said to so!


1 comment:

WendyB said...

You know, Poochie, I think it is still in your price range *evil grin*
You might have to pass up a beautiful pair of Louboutins and maybe half a pair of Manolos, but what price can be placed on immortality?