Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit

I finally, finally got around to wearing my Alexandra Neel feather heels. I had been thinking about returning them but well, to heck with that!

They are a bit delicate and worrisome because the feathers are touching the ground. More so than they look in the photos of them.

I wore a khaki pencil skirt and my dark teal cardigan. Simple, but I like the color combo.

The Focal Point

This outfit is all built around the color in the feathers. Here they just look cream and brown but actually they have a lot of the blue-green in them. Sadly, the flash washes them out a bit.

See how low these feathers are:

I had to do a new polish color with these. The Summery hot pink was just not working out.

Okay, I'm off to get NYC supplies!!!!


Sal said...

Those are stunning! I see what you mean about the feathers brushing the ground, tho. I'd worry constantly about that. But I worry constantly anyway ...

gilda said...

i like those feathers!

was glad to see you yesterday. you're so cute! and happy to know you wear normal flip-flops! haha! (or was that a secret!)

Princess Poochie said...


After walking all day and then finding the Park all muddy, I will own up to the flip flops!

It was so great to see you in person too. I hope to get back there soon.