Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Covering the 3 C's of New York

On Wednesday of last week I found an amazing rate to New York and I quickly convinced Miss_C to join me on an impulsive trip northward.

We got up very very early on Saturday and in just over an hour we touched down at the airport.

One of the main reasons for going to help celebrate the Gala and Nubby Virgo Birthday Extravaganza at the Strawberry Fields area in Central Park.

I just have to say that it was a very very warm day and had rained the day before. After walking around all morning (Lacroix store, Barney for shopping and lunch at Fred's) I was very happy to get to the Park and sit down and celebrate with a cupcake!

There was a HUGE group of people who showed up for the fun so you will find tons of coverage and photos of the event. Check out the following:

- Gala's post

- Nubby's Post

- Gala's Photo Set

- Nubby's Photo Set

I also got to meet several of my favorite bloggers in person, including Gilda and Marie, as well as meeting a few new gorgeous ladies like Doe Deere (who was totally adorable - you have to look at her pictures of her outfit!)

There are a ton of shots out there, including mine, Gilda's and Marie's, as everyone was taking pictures, including some great portraits done by Bianca (see Gala's post for a sample).

I can never show up at a party empty-handed, so I had to bring the girls a birthday gift... what better than a pair of "wedding rings". Gala's is a pinkish orange and Nubby's is clear.

Of course there had to be a ceremony!

And cupcakes ("C" #1) from Sugar Sweet Sunshine. They were delicious and I don't say that lightly!

Okay - not my greatest picture ever, and I had to change out my cute Corso Comos for flip flops at this point, but here I am with Marie. I was a big, literally, hot mess! I wore my JCrew stripe skirt, a white v-neck, my Paraphernalia chicken foot necklace and the aforementioned Corso Comos (which Nubby was also wearing!). And crazy giant vintage pink sunglasses.

Miss C was hanging out on the blankets we swiped from the airplane.

We even had cute pups there with us too.

Later that night we ate at Rare, which was the restaurant in our hotel. After eating veggie burgers, cole slaw and fried Oreos (not me!) we went up to the room and passed out for the night.

The next day we trekked down to the LES and had blueberry pancakes at 7A. We were going to go shopping around that area but it was even hotter and more humid so we scrapped that idea and went to the Museum of Natural History. Ahhh, several lovely hours of air conditioned museum.

After that we went to the Boathouse in the Park for Champagne and cheese (the other 2 important "Cs") and once we had our fill there we moved on to Flute for more appetizers, Champagne and cheese.

The next day was very leisurely until we went to the airport to head home.

I didn't do a whole lot of shopping - we spent most of our money on food and drinks - but I did get two things... macarons and Louboutins!

I got these delectable Barbie-pink Simple Pumps. I can't wait until they arrive so I can wear them. Compared to the Manolo store, I felt the Louboutin store was a bit simpler but the associates were very nice and helpful.

And more macarons from Maison du Chocolat. Gah! They're soooo good. Luckily the hubby doesn't like them so I get to keep them all for myself.

That's it. A quick trip but a good one. But next time, I'm going when it is not so dang hot!


StyleScrybe said...

I love those pumps! I tried on his suede pumps in magenta this weekend, but I decided to go without because I really need black instead. Enjoy them!!!

Ali said...

yum... those macarons look delicious

Amy said...

oh my goodness, those shoes are wonderful! I'm having some VERY major shoe envy right now...

gilda said...

it was nice meeting you! i'm sorry we didn't get to talk more. but i can't believe you bought shoes within those few hours. you're terrible. hahaha! but they are GORGEOUS shoes. pink patent? so amazing!

Princess Poochie said...

We will make sure to get more time on the next trip. I hope you're feeling better!


Joana do Açúcar said...

Hi lover!
I answered you in the last post "We're back".
Forgot to write here!
I appreciate how these cookies look like ;)

WendyB said...

What fun! Hope to see you next time.

Princess Poochie said...

Wendy - I keep missing meeting up with you. I'm sure to be back soon though!