Friday, September 5, 2008

Fall Favorites: Focus on Heels

A few days ago we looked at the "Rich Details" being seen in the Fall introductions just hitting stores. One of the next (or actually continuing) trends is focusing on the heel area to make an impact.

These Dior heels not only have mirrored insets but they also have the chunky loafer styling which is also popular this year. They also come in a few other colors, not just the tobacco leather.

As typical for Maison Martin Margiela, these nail pumps have a bit of the surreal and unusual about them. I'm not sure how comfortable these are but they're sure to get some double-takes when you are wearing them.

These Oscar de la Renta patent pumps intrigue me because I like how the tweed pattern is achieved not as fabric but a pattern in the patent leather. They also mixed it with tortoiseshell patent accents. But it is the heel that caught my eye. The heel cap reminds me of the Miu Miu Vernice Pop and Spazzolato heels.

Miu Miu and Prada were busy again this year... and leading the trends. These Miu Miu Lightning Bolt booties bridge the 1980s touch points with modern techniques. I think they look more like something that would come from Ashley Dearborn than Miu Miu.

This is more the Miu Miu I'm thinking of for this season - sequins and sculpted heels. It's as if they took the waves and fans from the main body of the shoe last year and moved them into the heel.

And, of course, Prada. Not that their embellishments were limited to just the heel, but this suede sandal in particular was be-ruffled in purple and brown and the focal point for the design. I actually had this on pre-order but ended up dropping this in favor of a Chanel pair. But wouldn't these be pretty with some dark grey tights?

And my favorite of the bunch are actually these Stella McCartney heels with the metal "armor". I know. It's so hit and miss with Stella but I think she does best when she sticks to fabric versus other materials. These would be great with a cocktail dress. I like how they add a tough element but in a classy way.

Do you have a preference?

More to come!


Robo said...

I totally love the Stella shoes. I came across them randomly on the Neiman Marcus Web site (doing some wishful shopping), and those made me gasp. And the jaw dropped. *Sigh* One day...well theoretically I could totally splurge and get them now, but I'd rather spend that kind of cash when it's a drop in the bucket for me. Or should I just go for it? Hmmm..what do you think, Poochie?

Princess Poochie said...


I say go for it! They're very unique. I'm sad they don't have my size. : (


WendyB said...

Those Diors kill me. Love them.

Sal said...

I'm with Wendy. The Diors all the way.

Anonymous said...

I'm torn between the De la Renta's and the Dior's. Both are fabu!!


lifetimepilingup said...

I have the Miu Miu sculpted heel platforms in black leather from Saks and I adore them. I haven't loved a shoe this much since the Vivier Rose/thorn shoe. Work of art for feet for sure.