Monday, September 22, 2008

Crazy Fall Line Up

Here are just a few items making up my crazy mix of things to wear this Fall -

Y Feathered Capes
Y Chanel two-tones
Y Dimensional tights
Y Pink patent driving gloves
Y Giant candy-coloured bows
Y Dark wash jeans
Y Giant ruffled neckpieces
Y Pushed down black gloves
Y Skulls and Kisses

Now all I need is some plaid and I'll be good to go!


Polgarra said...

Can I just say how totally jealous i am that you can dress up for work. I teach outside on grass so I am stuck with sneakers maybe flip flops or converse. Sometimes (usually) the grass is wet or muddy. Plus I have bad feet and need to wear my insoles most of the time.

But I am going to go look at some riding boots today. I figure if they can deal with horse manure then they should be tough enough for me. But rather than going with some of the gorgeous ones I see at Nordstroms, I am going to try a pair of real riding boots.

Any opinions?

Princess Poochie said...


I used to ride a lot - jumping and dressage and still have my riding boots from when I was 15. They'll last forever if you take care of them. Which means cleaning them with saddle soap and applying an oil to them after eat time they get worn, especially if they get wet. The better you take care of them the longer they will last.

One thing to note, tall boots like you see the riders wear are designed for riding and not walking. They fit and feel wonderful when you are on a horse. When you start walking around they can cut into the back of your ankles. I can't tell you how often I pulled off my boots and my socks were bloody. Over time I've built up padding there and my boots broke in but that took a long time.

One other thing to note is your boots will be very stiff at the ankle and a bit hard to take off and on. You use boot hooks to get them on and I used to need someone to help me pull them off.

But they look amazing and I still love my pair although I don't wear them all the time.


Polgarra said...

I have forgotten about that (the stiff ankles thing). I have ridden alot (Western) and out in the country you just wear your boots everywhere. I have had some tan Justin lace ups forever but they definately scream 'Country' so they won't work.

I was looking at the tall Ariats, they zip of the back. First I was looking at the Cole Haan Sienna Tall Stretch boot but those are $595 and I am not sure how well they would hold up after one wet day. I was going to head over to Boot Barn and get some boots and maybe some of the tan riding pants but now I am not so sure. Have you seen any flat boots that would stand up to water and mud as long as I clean them up afterwards?

Princess Poochie said...


Try some of the jodphur boots. They are shorter and my work out better, especially if you wear pants/jeans.

Could you get away with really cute wellies?


Polgarra said...

I think that a cute pair of trainers are better than wellies. The grass isn't that wet, just enough to ruin suedue. It is about on par with a park in the early morning. I am shopping and see the Cole Haan 'Callan' Tall boot. It has a rubber sole, maybe that would work

Have you seen the cover of Vanity Fair this month or Laura from Project Runway in her 'casual clothes'? That is the look I want to try.

WendyB said...

Pink patent driving gloves sound great.