Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

This week has been fill of Middle Ages and Military inspriation.

Yesterday I finally got to wear my Roberto Cavalli velvet and gold tapestry print skirt. I'll probably end up wearing this with a blazer but I paired it with a simple dark green Gap v-neck as I was going for a tonal look overall. For shoe I wore another YOOX purchase - my gold and green velvet Claudio Merazzi heels. Because all of the colors and materials were so unusual, it didn't come off as too matchy-matchy.

It's such a funky skirt. I love the muted gold and dark dark green.

Today I'm a bit brighter!

I was very excited to get new jeans over the weekend. My Gap Long & Leans were looking a bit, how do we say.... craptastic. They were all baggy... and not in a good way. I decided I needed a more straight leg style so while I was returning some shoes to Nine West I popped into Gap and tried on a pair of the Classics. Not only am I loving the darker wash but I was in a smaller size than the Long & Leans.

Go Team Vegetarian!

So, I wanted to wear my jeans and one of my new Lou Lou Loves You bows. I also wanted to wear a heal but something still good for Summer since I know I've got a long winter of jeans and boots and closed toe shoes ahead of me. I ended up pairing my Luella for Target jacket with the bow, one of my new vintage pieces (the necklace was deconstructed to be worn as a pin today), the bow and my 20Ltd. Louboutins.

My bow is ginormous!


I love this combination of blues and orangey-red. I think it works so well together.

If you are considering a bow from Miss Lou Lou, I just want to let you know - you will get lots of comments. The bows are so big and satin-y and luscious, everyone just loves them!


Anonymous said...

My God, I love your closet!!
I'm jealous.


WendyB said...

I'm coveting your skirt, blazer and beautiful shoes.

Sal said...

That Cavalli skirt is a thing of beauty.

Robo said...

LOVE the skirt! It looks so rich and like something a queen would wear. The bow/brooch combination makes it look like a medal...Legion of Fashion Award of Honor?