Friday, August 31, 2007

Zipped in

As we start pulling out jackets and sweaters for cooler weather, biker-style embellishments like studs and zippers pop-up on all kinds of accessories. While I don't think I have what it takes to pull off the biker look, I do like how some of the designers have integrated this "tough" element into atypical and elegant designs.

Jimmy Choo's Cole Metallic Leather peep-toe ($695 online at Jimmy Choo) is quite striking. But I'd probably forget the zipper was there and shred my tights or skirt or something. Choo also did a closed toe heel and a really cool double-zipper flat boot for Fall.

These comfy ballet Romp flats from Michael Kors come in a bunch of great colors for Fall. I've seen black, brown, dark green, burnt orange (my favorite) and this chino. The suede looks ultra soft so I doubt these flats will hurt the back of your heels like some ballet styles can. Oh, their about $180.

I know I've talked about these before but I still think the use of the zipper as a design element was done in a really fun way. These are actually the Louboutins (at $910) but, as I said, the Steve Maddens are i-den-ti-cal. You decide which you prefer.

I know there are tons of bags that feature zippers in the design, but I thought this clutch from Nine West was really cute. Nothing crazy, just a fun little bag for the weekends and about $40.

And my favorite use of a zipper are these Marc Jacob pumps. The rose is actually made of a zipper. This comes in red too. I do wish that it had been done on a high heel round toe pump. The style of these are a bit to matronly, if you as me, which contrasts in a negative way to the edgier materials. They're about $390 at Neiman Marcus.

I haven't seen zippers integrated into designs from the more moderate lines. I think the material may be harder to work with. But I'll keep an eye out.

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