Friday, August 24, 2007

Fit Flops - step 1

So yesterday I got my black Fit Flops that had been on back-order.

So far I've only worn them around the house, which was my original plan. I may try them when I walk on the treadmill, but I am pret-ty clumsy so I fear that I may flop my way right out of them and land face-first on the treadmill.

My initial impressions are:

  1. They are more platform-y than I thought they would be. This isn't really a bad thing, but the wobbleboard action makes me feel a little unstable walking down the stairs. As I'm sure this is not a part of the intended purpose, I'll just have to be careful, because, yes, I have already fallen down my stairs.
  2. I am not used to wearing flip flops at all. So the toe part bothers me. It rubs the pad of my toe a bit because I think the design makes my ankles bow out and then my foot pushes up. I may just get some tabi socks (Japanese toe socks) so they don't rub.
  3. I have a pretty high arch and the straps are kind of thick. I'm just not used to wearing these kind of shoes. I'm going to have to slowly get used to wearing them. I think the socks will help with this too.
  4. One thing I don't like is that, on the inner sole of the shoe, they have the name embedded. I think they could get kind of gunked up, so I'm going to wipe them down with rubbing alcohol each day to keep them clean. Will that dry my feet out?

All in all, I'm pretty happy with them. Some minor adjustments in dealing with them, but we'll see how they do. I'll let you know, as time goes on, if I feel they are worth the dough or if they don't do a thing.

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