Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gatsby Dreams

I aspire to a dream life filled with cool spring days spent in the shade of an elaborate Victorian gazebo sipping lemonade and having afternoon tea.

watching the cricket match, or...

playing croquet, or...

relaxing in my tennis whites after a rousing match.

In my imagined world there are garden parties and Pimms cups in silver cups. I love the casual aristocratic look of the gentlemen in their whites from the 20's. In my mind its a blending of British and New England old school. Maybe that's why, when these Parrotfish (!) Oxfords went on sale at Anthropologie, I had to have them.

They're a creamy white leather with pink, yellow, white and grey striped silk with lovely leather soles. I wore them today with a white shirt and capris - a nod to the classic men's style of yesteryear.

Once we install the gazebo and croquet lawn in the front yard, I'll invite you over on a Saturday afternoon for a round.

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