Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
Today I was pretty neutral - dressy enough for my client meeting but still comfortable as we were walking around a lot. I wore my Old Navy button down with the sleeves that poof and a swishy pleated skirt. To glam it up a bit I wore my double-strap Miu Miu mary janes. However, mine are not the black version as shown....

The Focal Point
Mine are actually the SILVER mary janes! They are very chrome-y and super-shiny. I can't find any other picture than from the Miu Miu runway show.

They are actually pretty comfortable because the built-in platform is total cushion. They're great to wear with jeans too.


Anonymous said...

Loving the silver! But what do I think?

I love the outfit and the little tid-bits of interest! So fashionista, but keeping-it-real-so-I-can-actually-get-my-job-done!

a great silver metallic belt or some substantial jewelry could have really balanced it out.

I wear those Miu Miu's all the time and I am loving their new collection more and more! I am almost forgiving them for the louboutin-esque mishap that happened earlier this year. Now it's all about funky patents and interesting shapes! net-a-porter is my new miu miu supplier!


Princess Poochie said...

I got two of the Fall Miu Mius. One is on back order (the tan and black with the heel "fans") but the pink/tan/lavendar heel with the leather ruffles on the front are to die for.

I haven't worn them yet, but I can't wait. I want to find some fun kneesocks to go with them. I have to get an order in over at SockDreams.com or Stocking Girl. They seem to have a good selection.

I'm sure I'll be pushing the boundry at work, but they are so fun!