Saturday, August 11, 2007

Love with the head or the heart?

I'm not really sure why I love these shoes. I have a feeling that the strap may be stretchy (okay, maybe not) and that the heel is bordering on the dreaded "camel-banana" heel, but I still love them and want them.

Prada Bi-color Mary Janes in Nero and Arde suede

Maybe it's because they look like velvety soft smoke. Maybe it's because they call the colors Nero and Arde rather than the more plebeian black and grey. Maybe it's because they look like smudgy graphite from a really soft pencil. Or maybe it's that they will look freaking amazing with opaque black tights and a skirt for Fall.

They're snuggly... I want them.


WendyB said...

Snuggly is right..very nice.

Permanent Transient said...


I adore grey shoes - so easy to match with everything. And these do look so snuggly.