Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This post's for you!

In one of my earlier posts I talked about my distaste for Crocs (shudder). Well, my Dad thinks I have a vendetta against them and keeps trying to convince me that they are good. While I dislike them and personally would never wear them, my main issue is with people wearing them inappropriately.

If you want to wear them on your boat or in the garden, fine. Just don't subject me to seeing them in the grocery store or at a restaurant.

However, my Dad, the Crocs freedom fighter, told me two negative things about Crocs yesterday that I thought I would share. 1.) His feet get dirty when he is wearing them and 2.) Ants can get in and bite his feet. If you have ever been bitten by fire ants in the South, you know what a bad bad thing that can be.


If bad fashion wasn't enough to keep you from wearing them, is this scary enough for you?

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Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOLOL. I do not like Croc's either and am constantly badgering one of my friends for wearing them in public. I will have to pass this blog along to her.