Saturday, August 25, 2007

Flirty Ruffles

Although you see a ton of menswear tailored styles coming in for Fall, sometimes you have zig while others zag. I love the stacked brogues and wingtips and two-tone shoes but Fall and Winter is a time for get-togethers and parties and drinking Kir Royals. Sometimes you need a really flirty, girl-y, ruffle-y shoe to go with that party dress or to glam up a skirt.

I love the almost excessive embellishment of these shoes which go to the other end of the spectrum when compared to the more dignified shoes.

These Pedro Garcia Ruffle Ballet Flats in Flint are $335 at Neiman Marcus. They're kind of a silvery lavender and I love the almost distressed look that they have.

These Miu Mius in black suede are the nighttime glam version of the Naplack with the chunky heel that I featured a few posts ago. With a change of materials and a more glam heel, this style goes from quirky school girl to intriguing vixen. Wouldn't they be perfect with a really sleek dress?

Gorgeous. Buttery soft leather ruffles. Pearly lavender. Enough said. Loeffler Randall Ruffle Pump - $375 also at Neiman Marcus.

And when you are ready to dance the night away or make an impression, in jeans or at a company event, these Moschino Cheap & Chic Scallop Edge heels are so flamboyant and "Notice Me" that you need to be ready for all the attention. Of all of the shoes here, these are the ones I would get first. That ruffle is quite nearly perfect. They're $455 at Barney's.

I'm sure there will be some lower cost options available as the season goes on. These are just too pretty for them to not be reinterpreted all across the board.

I'll keep my eye out for ya!

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