Sunday, August 5, 2007

Imitation = Flattery?

Mary Janes are another classic style that has been and will be around forever. This Summer and going into Fall, the low-strap Louboutin Mary Jane has been seen on many a well-publicized foot, and it's easy to see why. They look really comfortable, especially with the small platform adding to the height. But if the price is out of your range, there are a number of other options out there.

Steve Madden's Loucee do the style really well. I haven't tried on the Louboutin's but I have tried on these. They are very close, but the they are also cut very low in the front. A little two low for me, plus they didn't have my size.

Nine West Lehana came out earlier this year, in several colors. This version in black patent has more of an almond toe than the Louboutins and a buckle rather than a button. But, a pretty good option too.

Target's Skylar is actually one of the closest and comes in black, silver and burgundy. They even have the little button for the strap closure. I ordered these but they run pretty small. I'm going to try them in a bigger size.

I bought a pair of heeled low-strap Mary Janes a few years ago in San Francisco and I love them. They are one of my "go to" shoes, especially for work. I love them so much that I'm afraid I'm going to wear them out. One of these may have to become the replacement.

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