Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tires or Shoes?

Just like the Wendy's (or was it McDonald's?) commercial, I tend to price value everything in terms of Shoe-increments.

I begrudge spending money on my car the most. I don't know why. I like my car a lot. I depend on my car and I know I couldn't go to work to earn money to buy shoes without my car. But car maintenance is such an un-fun purchase! Whah!

Anyway, today I got a flat tire. I really needed to buy tires because I think mine were nearly bald (shhhhhh!!!! don't tell on me!) so this just happened to make me go and get it done. But I was just so sad. I had to spend over $300 on 4 of these -

Instead of a pair of these!

And now these gorgeous, decadent Lacroix (Lacroix, dah-ling, Lacroix!) sling-backs are all GONE!

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