Thursday, August 30, 2007

Drive Time

If you value/appreciate/revere your shoes like I do, it is small but wise investment to prepare for possible negative contingencies. Maybe it's the former Girl Scout in me, but I hate when I get stuck in a situation without a back-up plan.

I keep several umbrellas in my car and my office and I have "rain shoes" in case I'm wearing shoes that can't or shouldn't get wet. Rain, ugh a huge bane of my life. The other danger zone for my shoes is in my own car. Between debris in the mats or the dirt on the pedals, my heels can get messed up in my car just as easy as outside. Another issue is that in some of the killer stilettos, it can be hard to shift. I also hate when my shoes fall off the seat onto the floor, causing just as much damage as if I had left them on.

So I came up with brilliant but easy solution of having bin just for my shoes that I keep on my passenger floor. I don't drive many people around so I have the room. Something small (and pink) like the one below is perfect because I can throw it in the backseat or the trunk if I need. It's also the perfect size to keep a pair of driving mocs (in a box) and the shoes I'm not wearing.

I love a driving moc, not just for its intended purpose, but in general. I keep these Isaac Mizrahi mocs in the car so I can easily slip them on. And I don't care if they get dirty or smudged because they were only $30. Plus, they are safer than wearing flip flops in the car. When you have a stick shift car, it is important that you are able to push in the clutch, switch gears and that your feet don't slip off the pedals.

But I think they are so cute I have another pair just like them for actual wearing around!

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