Sunday, August 26, 2007

Put your money into podiatry

My Dad, the Croc freedom fighter, was joking to me one day about how much money the product has made and that he wished he had invested in them when they first came out. He said to let him know if I think anything else was going to make as much money so he could invest early.

I said: "Start looking into podiatry and orthotics. There is going to be a huge rise in foot-related problems showing up earlier and earlier because of so many people, especially young women, wearing flip flops all of the time."

And now, ABC is saying its true too - check out the video here. (It was also featured on Yahoo today, if you don't want to sit through the ad)

In the video (and a corresponding article) they state:

"Flip-flops have singlehandedly caused more problems with people's feet in the last couple years than probably any other type of shoe," said Dr. Rock Positano, a podiatrist at New York's Hospital for Special Surgery.

I believe it. I've never really liked flip flops. I think it stems back to when I was a kid. I remember having a pair when I was 10 or something and I was wearing them while I was riding my bike. The toe of the flip flop hit the ground when I was pedaling and it got caught, dragged me down off the bike and I scraped up the whole top of my foot leaving a scar that I have to this day. I don't really remember wearing them much after that. Plus, I slip out of them all the time. I don't need anything extra making me any clumsier that I already am.

I'm trying out the Fit Flops, but I only wear them around the house. Somehow, I've still jammed my foot while wearing them. This is the same reason I don't wear those wooden sole Dr. Scholl's. I've nearly killed myself on those things before. The only other pair of flip flops I own stay in the car for when I go to get a pedicure. That's it.

I just think they are tacky and inappropriate most of the time - and there are many many people whose feet I would prefer not to have that much visual access to. Shudder! The Manolo has also featured some of the other dangers people have encountered because of flip flops. Check them out here, here, and here. The pictures in the last one are gro-oss. And reinforce my fear of Wal-Mart. Blech!

I know people love them, especially in the summer. Heck, in my office, I would say most people wear them 80% of the time. But I just worry that people are unaware of how dangerous these are for your long term foot health. Just like sun exposure, I think in a few years we are going to get warnings that this type of shoe is responsible for long term, degenerative damage and there will be a huge rise in orthotics, physical therapy and corrective surgery.

My advice is to limit the amount you wear them. Grab a nice pair of Keds instead.

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