Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Keep the shine on

While I love the muted tones of grey/charcoal/graphite/anthracite for Fall and Winter, you need some shine to keep everything from being too soft and muted. Silver is grey's bright and shiny cousin and is perfect for mixing with your grey wool skirts and opaque black tights. I'm making a list of all of my Fall needs, wants and "desires" so I don't get too out of control when I'm drooling over all of the fabulous Fall clothes, shoes and accessories.

Not a lot of silver here, but I love the shape and sparkly-paillette hem of this Vera Wang dress.

I so hope I win the lottery any day now so I can get this tunic from Vivre. It is not just flow-y, shiny and covered with sequins... the sequins are made of sterling silver! It's like a modern day "Cloth of Silver/Gold". I think I would wear this at least once a week - and I'd have to because I couldn't afford anything else.

I was getting all giddy looking at the opaque tights and plaids and wool skirts that I was a little crazy when I saw these heels from Guess. I had to do a shoe search to find them in my size, but I eventually got them. I've seen a million silver heels lately (heck I own a few silver heels), but I love the distressed texture of these.

Guess Kasenna

They have a classic shape and color, which I can wear for years, but still look totally on trend right now. They'll be great with the pleated skirts I want to get, plus jeans and denim skirts.

I know it's a million degrees, but now is the time to jump on all the Fall stuff coming out, because selection will be limited later. The only problem is that you have to wait for it to cool off!


Permanent Transient said...

OMG, the shoes...

beautiful beautiful. Thankyou for inserting a dose of decadence into my day (wow - do not try to say that out loud)

Princess Poochie said...

Now I have to make lots of outfits to show my new shoes off!