Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sparkle into Fall and Winter

Fall and Winter is not going to be quiet or subdued this year. In addition to silver and gold be-glittered heels, there are tons of sequined options that just jump right out at you and make a grab for your wallet.

I have to admit these Louboutins stopped me in my tracks on the Neiman Marcus site.

They are so slick they look painted on. Whew!

A little less "flashy" in the photo but I bet they rock in person are these brown and black zebra-stripe Manolo sandals.

And I raved about the limited edition Prada bag for Neiman's 100th Anniversary over on Bubblegum Plastic, but I think of all of the offerings this Yves Saint Laurent sequined Mombassa shopper is my favorite. I love the contrast of the rectangular sequins to the curved horn handle. Plus the swirl design is sure to catch the light.

This isn't the year to be a wallflower. With these accessories you're sure to stand out, so be prepared to shine.

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