Friday, March 7, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

It's Friday and it's been raining all day. Snore.

I wouldn't mind a nap right now but nope, gotta work. Sooo....

The Outfit
Pink SJP Bittne tank under my Mizrahi brown herringbone blazer with the faux suede collar and elbow patches. I'm wearing this over jeans and have accented with a vintage Weiss strawberry pin.

My pin looks like this one but the rhinestones are more iridescent. I have a single strawberry version too which was my grandmother's. One of the few things I have that were hers.

The Focal Point
The brown herringbone pattern is in both these shoes and in the jacket. The shoes are the Lela Rose for Payless Finsbury in brown. It's a cute style and a pretty comfortable heel.

This blazer makes me feel sort of scholarly with it's patch pockets. I think that is such a cute detail. I think I need to get a sweater with patches to really go the full bookish look though.

1 comment:

Daniela said...

I love the shoes. Love love them. I'm a sucker for menswear-inspired details.

I don't usually shop at Payless as I have a hard time sacrificing quality, but I might just have to check to see if my local Payless has the Lela Rose line.