Sunday, March 2, 2008

Imitation = Flattery?

Everyone should be familiar with the YSL Tribute shoe. It was all over the place last summer. Here it is in black...

And the more recent gold version.

As we would expect, Steve Madden did a knock-off pair. Why upset his whole business strategy, right?

But now we have a new contender in the imitation realm. BCBGirls "Lora" heel. The style and shape are identical. At least they had the decency to change the color.

I'm not even sure how much I like this platform heel, so I definitely don't want the fake version.


anastasia said...

It has never really bothered me that the lower-end shoe people copy (well, maybe Steve Madden's blatant copies bother me), because I've always seen it more as "this is the trendy shape" how can we make it available to people...but this is not even that cute of a shoe shape! And while the YSL manages to have a modicum of class due to the high end quality, the other ones look like tramp shoes.

Le Sigh.

Samantha said...

The Nine West 'Nacre' platform is also very 'Tribute-y', the do have many interesting color combinations though...

Here is a link to zappos if you are curious.

Princess Poochie said...

That's true. I've seen a few others, including a Guess shoe, that have a very very similar look.

A platform mary jane is nothing new but the style of the platform and the way the peep-toe is very distinctive. That's what makes me feel wary about buying any of the copies.


WendyB said...

The gold version of the original is stunning.

Princess Poochie said...

I have the non-platform version of the orginal but it is actually a slingback. That is my favorite version of it thus far.