Friday, March 14, 2008

When Good Designers Go Bad

I do not know what is going on over there at Stella McCartney's offices but I think they are losing their minds.

Last season I was loving on their neon pink satin platform heels and t-strap pumps but now all the love has gone far far away. Maybe someone took an Epcot trip or they saw documentary or something because there is no way these designs have their roots in a real cultural experience.

And I appreciate the vegan materials, but sometimes it is better to just not create. Don't waste the plastic and cheap denim.

These woven nylon pumps ($595) have to be made out of old bags and twist-ties.

And the prices are astronomical. $500, $600.... okay, I guess. $1000 +? Um, No.

No, these are not from the Daisy Duke/Paris Hilton/Jessica Simpson collection. And yes, they are $1195.

And these.... I don't even know what to say. I'm sure they're supposed to look all elegant tribal, but they just look like they weigh 5 pounds and I know that heel cup would end up under my foot and kill me.

Plus, they're $1165. $1165!!!!

If you want beautiful, unique and with true artistry, check out the Shompole collection.

Leave this mess alone.


oneluckyb said...

Wow...just wow. All three shoes are such a disaster and the price tags are just too much!

I have been on the bandwagaon that with Stella you are definitely paying for the name, at least in my opinion.

Daniela said...

*closes eyes and clicks heels together*

There's no place like home...
There's no place like home....

Gigi said...

Her clogs look like things my family makes.... (my family is in the furniture business, wood tables anyone?)

P.S. I started a blog on my bespoke shoebox. If you have time, please come and take a look :) (find the URL on my blogger account) I plan to link to your blog!

Princess Poochie said...

These shoes make me sad.