Friday, March 28, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
Yeah! It's finally warm enough today to wear some of my new stuff. I'm wearing my red Gap light knit v-neck top, which is so flattering that I should have bought several in all the colors, and my denim skirt. To add a bit of tonal craziness, I'm wearing my Paraphernalia Anatomica Heart necklace.

I love how this thing freaks people out.

It's so weird. I love it.

The Focal Point
White shoes before Memorial Day, OMG! Hey, it's warm enough, it's not raining and they're new. So there. I'm a rebel, Dottie.

But how could you wait to wear shoes as cute as these?

You just can't!

You will be seeing a lot of these babies this Summer.


WendyB said...

Great shoes!

fashiongeek said...

Those shoes are too cute! With the right outfit they'd be hot in the early fall with some cute tights or socks.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the heart necklace did freak me out, but the shoes more than made up for it

Princess Poochie said...

A little freaky and a little sweet!

I thought about wearing them with tights today but it was nice and warm, so I didn't. But it may cool off again. I have some nice grey tights I can wear with them.


Alya said...

yikes! what is that necklace?? i can see how it can freak ppl out.

On the other hand, your outfit choice seems really cute.

If only i could forget about that necklace! hahaha

Sally Jane said...

I'm loving all of those Paraphernalia necklaces.

Princess Poochie said...

Sally Jane - I want like 5 more of their pieces.

Alya - you have to embrace the weirdness! ; ) You lure them in with the cute outfit then add a twist.