Thursday, March 6, 2008

Saturated Colors and Plentiful Prints - Summer 08

If you've looked at any of the stores, high and low, you will see tons of saturated colors in the shoes coming out. But colors are not just plentiful in solids, they are also appearing in gorgeous prints on everything from sandals to flats.

Here's a list of pretty patterns that are just tempting me to grab a few pairs.

These just say fun, carnival to me.

Betsyville by Betsy Johnson Vivacios Sandal - $100 - Nordstroms

I adore the candy pattern on this.

Betsyville by Betsy Johnson Vixon Pump Black - $90 - Nordstroms

But I think I like it even better in white.

Betsyville by Betsy Johnson Vixon Pump White - $90 - Nordstroms

Just a few floral items from Guess here. The shapes are simple but the patterns are so pretty.

Guess Carrie6 Black VanGogh - $94 - Zappos

Guess Carrie6 White - $94 - Zappos

Guess Carrie8 Natural - $94 - Zappos

Guess Carrie8 - $94 - Zappos

Guess Empower2 - $114 - Zappos

Guess Newbury - $114 - Zappos

I heart these Lacroix beauties. They're a bit crazy but then again, so is Lacroix.

Lacroix 983906 - $399 - Zappos

Linea Paolo Sharen Slingback - $100 - Nordstroms

This sandal is amazing. How great does the blue and brown look? And a perfect flirty bow.

Martinez Valero Camila Sandal - $127 - Nordstroms

These remind me of the black and white heesl from the Lacroix SS 2008 Couture show.

Martinez Valero Candela Pump - $135 - Nordstroms

Sophisticated polka dots!

Martinez Valero Whisper Peep toe pump - $130 - Nordstroms

These, I think are my absolute favorite of the bunch. I love the fabric and the colors are so great.

Pura Lopez L481 Pump - $245 - Nordstroms

There are tons of flats out with patterns too, but these just look so sunny and fresh. Wouldn't it be a great look to mix these with a floral pattern?

Sam Edelmand Carmen Silk Flat - $95 - Nordstroms

Soooo much cuteness!

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Laura said...

Betsy Johnson shoes are great, look how colorful they are! They are a wonderful way to lift anyone out of the gloomy moods due to the yucky winter weather with such bold colors and statements.