Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's all in the Details

My outfit from yesterday, Wednesday, sounds pretty plain. A black skirt from Target and a black knit v-neck top from Ann Taylore with a pair of tan an brown heels. But in execution, this is an outfit I really like and feel good in.

The details are what take this blah to lovely. The skirt is actually a pretty standard A-line skirt but the wide delicate lace trim makes it floaty, mysterious and a little sexy.

When you walk the lace kind of billows around. I could wear this very dressy or in a business way but with the added touch to make it stand out. It's hard to believe this was an inexpensive Target find.

I paired this with one of my favorite pairs of heel. My Devlin tan and black wingtip spectators from Via Spiga. They have a sort of snubbed but pointy heel, a slight mary jane element and the mix of tan leather and black patent is super chic.

In the profile you can see the heel shape, which I am a sucker for. These shoes are one of my favorite interview shoes because they are classy yet different and they fit perfectly. They feel really secure and are the perfect height. They make me feel powerful. And what more could you want when you are interviewing.

This outfit sums up a pretty classic style for me - streamlined but with unique details to set it apart.

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