Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Sass, Right? You're Sassing Me...

What is it about the scalloped edging that is just so adorable?

These Nanette Lepore heels are an easy way for someone to venture into wearing a more feminine style and/or heels. The shape isn't too fussy and that heel is chunky enough to be stable. But they wouldn't be out of place in my closet either. Look at the details, the button and the retro-y shape.

Plus how cute is the name - I'm Not Your Baby.

How sassy! I love a shoe with a little attitude.


WendyB said...


Daniela said...

I have to have these shoes. I agree with the scalloped detailing.. super cute. They're like cupcakes for your feet.

But snarky cupcakes. With 'tude.

I love that they're infinitely versatile too. Getting.