Monday, March 17, 2008

Sink or Swim

Vogue was all in a tizzy of excitement over these "fashionable galoshes". They are said to be "a new trend for smart-thinking dressers to protect their fashionable flats from the elements."

They also theink they are subtle.

From what I've read the founder had used traditional galoshes, for which he got ridiculed. Then he just wore his good shoes and they got ruined. So he invented "Swims" to cover his shoes.

I don't think these are such new news. Didn't they have something like this in the 50's? They may work for men's shoes but they don't look all that subtle or fashionable for me. And they're, um, almost $150.


I have a better solution. Buy $8 pair of Target plastic flats, wear when it rains, bring other shoes with you. Done.

You're going to have to carry around a wet pair of the Swims or a wet pair of flats, what's the difference?

Oh, yeah... it's about $142.


nookie said...

in my country are called "gumari" from chewing gum and they cost $2!
i love your blog since a red an article in a magazine about it i always return to check your new posts!

anastasia said...

I knew there had to be a use for these. Actually, J. Crew makes a pair I secretly covet, these, especially the yellow, where they suggest the same thing you do, but they're considerably pricier ($45).

Princess Poochie said...

Anastasia - those JCrew ones are nice but pricey for what they are.

Nookie - Thanks for coming by. I'd love to know what magazine you read this in. And $2 is an even better price!


nookie said...

it's called " pe tocuri" in romanian but in english " in heels" !
the article contained a picture of the blog (i think that was the post with the closet) and said that it's a wonderful blog and his owner Princess Poochie has an extraordinary taste in shoes! something like that:D:D
they were right

Princess Poochie said...

How lovely! I had no idea. Thank you for letting me know!


Morgan said...

The Target ones look kind of like Marc Jacobs' plastic ballet flats...perhaps close enough that you could pretend!!