Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

The Outfit
I know dresses are very big but I tend to prefer the flexibility and mix-and-match capabilities of skirts and tops. But I'm trying to branch out so I bought a few solid knit and sweater dresses for this winter to pair with my new heels and tights/socks.

Yesterday I wore a new boatneck knit black dress from Old Navy and paired it with some chunky grey tights and my new Miu Miu Spazzolato spectator heels.

I felt very "Art Dowager" because I had my hair pulled back in a bun and had pared down my jewelry to some chunky statement pieces - my free-form acrylic bracelet and a big moonstone and silver ring.

The Focal Point
The dress was very comfy, although the front pockets were bugging me a little. The shoes, even though they are neutral, stole the shoe with their height, the "plastic" heel (the whole tan part is one piece) and the grey "wings".

These shoe are actually comfortable - for the office. Unfortunately I had a class and, unexpectedly, we had to go on this huge walking tour for almost 2 hours outside. I was a little ticked off by the end of that.

So, just a note: don't go on any hikes in these.


chicandstylish said...

I wrote a post about the spectator styled shoes Miu Miu produced this season and I mentioned your adorable pair, only to find out you have two of the styles. I am so jealous, but I bet you enjoy them.

chicandstylish said...

I love the combination of the sleek, simple LBD and the attention getting sassy shoes. My questions is how do you create your boxes with your clothes in them,it is polyvore or what? I would love to do my ensembles this way.

Princess Poochie said...

Thanks Chica!

They are so cute and I luv them too much!

As for the pics - yes, I use Polyvore. It is so easy but the hard part is wanting to show outfits with "older" items in my closet that are not in the Polyvore library. So I have to get an equivalent.

Hope that helps!