Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Building a Fall Wardrobe - Part 1

I know everyone is buzzing about the fall shows, especially the New York shows. There's coverage of each designer and those in the audience and folks on the street and in the general vicinity. While I like sifting through all the great pictures, I'm more interested in buy stuff for me to wear now.

But I'm not shopping in any couture houses any time soon. Heck, I'm barely going to make it into JCrew based on my shoe shopping habits. So I've been shopping from the versatile options at Target and Gap to start.

I tried to be a little more organized with my purchasing this year so that I wasn't randomly buying stuff. I'm also trying to keep my new purchases in the palette of black, greys, reds and greens. I wanted to get some lighter sweaters and I needed new jeans. I also wanted a dress to wear with my new tights and the Nine West booties, I might get.

So here's what I got from the Gap. Their sweaters are very soft from the cashmere woven in, but not 100%, which I think is better. I got:
  • a fun sweater dress with grey and black stripes
  • two light sweaters in dark green and red
  • long-sleeve t-shirt in bright green
  • two kimono sleeve heavier sweaters in black and charcoal
  • Long and Lean jeans
  • low-top red Converse Chuck Taylors - fun for casual days!

These are my first purchases. I got a bunch of stuff at Target and may supplement with some JCrew sweaters too. Gap has been doing some sales, so I highly recommend gettin' on over there!

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