Monday, September 10, 2007

Ensemble du Jour - and an "adventure"

This post is late. I actually wore this outfit on Thursday of last week but then I had an "adventure" that day and a funeral to go to on Friday. So I got kind of tied up and didn't write about it.

The Outfit
The outfit is a new green henley from Target with a khaki linen skirt and a long wood bead necklace. Sort of a nature-toned Summer-Fall transition-y type outfit.

The Focal Point
My Steven Madden needlepoint heels. They are a few years old but because they are so unusual, I don't wear them all that often. I think I actually got them through the Victoria's Secret catalog back when it wasn't so slutty. In retrospect, these may have been knocking off a Miu Miu design because I remember seeing something similar (but with a chunkier design) from them. But these are actually done pretty well and are quite detailed.

Close-up of toe and heel (thanks for the camera work, Hon!)

Okay for the embarrassing adventure - on Thursday I was eating my lunch at my desk, as usual. I had just popped a carrot in my mouth and I inhaled at the same time and the ginormous carrot got lodged in my throat. Totally stuck, and would-not-move! When I realized that I could not dislodge it by swallowing or drinking water, and I actually wasn't able to cough or breath, I thought, "Crap, I am totally screwed here."

Lucky for me I was near my co-workers and got up in a near panic, gave him the panic-face and the "Help me I'm choking to death here" motions and he gave me the Heimlich maneuver. Full on Heimlich. Twice. On the second time the damn carrot popped out. Coughing ensued. Co-worker panic ensued. It was scary and insane.

Of course as I'm standing there hacking and wiping my eyes I'm thinking to myself, "Oh thank God, the carrot didn't land on my shoes. They're fabric."

Yeah, I'm not right in the head.

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