Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vintage Inspiration

Faith in the UK often has a lot of cute styles. Plus if your here in the US you know you won't find everybody wearing them. Of course the downside is that our exchange rate stinks and shipping can be high depending on the company. I used to order from them and Office but they rarely go to a size 5 equivalent.

But I was perusing their site yesterday and noticed another vintage "inspiration" - these 3 strap mary janes.

The dark teal color is great and the half stacked wood/half covered heel gives it a different twist. But they are very reminiscent of my vintage pink triple strap stacked mary janes.

Obviously not in color but the toe, heel and straps bear a striking resemblance. Designers have been playing with placement, shape and number of Mary Jane straps for years, but it is interesting to see how vintage styles still have a very strong presence.

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