Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Favorite Fall Colors

I love Fall. I love that it's still dark when I wake up (sort of) and it's getting dark when I'm driving home from work. The cool weather, crunchy leaves, bonfires in the backyard and romping around with the dogs.

Coming from Florida I never really had a Fall until we moved two years ago. we get the seasons now and it's still so novel to me. And I love the colors - dark greens, mossy browns, deep red, bright pumpkin...

Pedro Garcia (whom I'm having a bit of a love affair with lately) seems to be ready for fall if these heels are any indication. These are pointier than mine but still have the trademark frayed edges and I love that deep moss color.

Pumpkins! I can't wait to roast em up, puree them and make a pie!

And aren't these gorgeous??? I love that the colors are called "Fossil" and "Flame". So pretty!

I never really wore orange a lot but I am getting more and more into it. It is a strong but really versatile color.

Not really for kicking around in the leaves but I bet they look great with a pair of jeans and a JCrew cable-knit cashmere sweater (and cute patterned headband, of course!).

P.S. Photos courtesy of Katmystiry and Catalepsy on Flickr

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