Sunday, September 23, 2007

Imitation = Flattery?

It's time for another blatant knock-off exposed!

Here's the Louboutin Criss-Cross Vamp heel. Lovely. Sophisticated. Elegant. A white heel that is classy and not trashy. And, as always, contrasted with the striking red sole.

And here's Steve Madden's "interpretation". He hasn't gone so far as to copy the signature sole color here, but he's got everything else dead on.

I am really surprised that Louboutin's company has not gone after the Steve Madden company. I've worked with companies that prosecute for this same type of infringement and the companies that copy end up having to pay restitution as well as destroying all the offending product. A very costly risk they take.

I like the opportunity to get a style for less money but I feel a little weird about buying such brazen theft of designs. Especially when the turnaround time is so fast. Louboutin barely gets their shoes in the stores when the copies come out.

I wonder if they have a spy....


Anonymous said...

I think Steve Madden did a blatant copy, and that is just wrong. The perverse result for me is that I won't buy knock-offs because they look fake. In a wierd sort of way that is so close it is almost tempting.
Louboutin should take legal steps.

WendyB said...

I think that's pretty blatant and outrageous. I guess the Madden company's ethics didn't improve even after the founder was thrown in jail for securities fraud! You know what they say, the attitude comes from the top.