Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Shoe Memories (part two) - Growing out of bad taste... I hope!

Growing up I didn't have a lot of exposure to "fashion" and I didn't play dress-up. I also went to a private school where I wore a uniform until the 9th grade. Sadly, when I finally got thrown into the hell that is public high school it was the mid to late-80's. And oh, the memories of the horrible fashion choices I made still haunt me to this day.

Actually, I don't think they were that horrible, really, but looking back I think I made the mistake of coordinating way WAY too much.

One classic ensemble that, thank god, there are no pictures of that I know about, was what I have called the "fruit salad" outfit. I actually wore, prepare yourself, a pair of bright goldenrod yellow jeans, raspberry pink tank top and this white button down shirt with a fruit design on it. Oh, but the horror doesn't end there. I had a bangle bracelet with the same colors and, get this, plastic fruit dangle earrings. Damn Bijoux Tener cart.

I had a few other choice outfits that I remember. One was a black button down shirt that had glittery pastel paint splatters which I wore with a jeans skirt and accessorized with black heart earrings that had pastel dots in the same colors.

And a true classic was a hot pink shirt with black dots that I, you guessed it, would wear with heart earrings that were also hot pink with black dots. And if they had been around, and I had the cash, I probably would have bought these to wear with it:

Irregular Choice Blythe First Prom

I am so appalled. God help me, I can only hope that my sense of style has improved. And that is also why I would never, ever, relive my high school years.

Oh the trauma!

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