Friday, September 7, 2007

Princess Poochie says...

Here is the latest challenge that has been put forth before me:

How do you walk in low heels? I've just recently purchased a vintage Chanel peep toe heel, but I don't know how to walk in low heels. I feel like I pull my feet up too high and my heel hits the ground at an awkward angle! Imagine that! I can prance around in 5 inch Louboutins (with or without the platform) but I can't wear low heels. They don't hurt, I just can't walk in them. Flats are fine, but add that kitten heel or up to 2.5 inches and I can't do anything in them.

- Anelle


Hmmm, low heels. One thing you, and everyone, should do is make sure you are wearing a range of heel heights all of the time. If you wear higher heels one day you should switch to a flat or low heel the next, ideally. This way your foot and ankle are not trained into one position.

That said, what problem are you having with the low heel, and are they slingbacks? A kitten heel is slender and since, in the lower height, you are placing more of your weight on the back of your foot it can get wobbly. You don't have the problem with a skinny heel in a higher height because you are on the balls of your feet and your balance is probably good.

I would try standing (in bare feet) and walking around your house on the backs of your feet - lifting the front of your foot off the floor. This can help stretch your ankles out and get you used to balancing with the weight in the back.

Of course walk around in your new shoes to get used to them. I'd also make sure the back of your heel is snug in the shoes and they fit well there. Add a heel cushion if they are not.

When I walk in low heels, I tend to glide my foot forward sort of ballet-style - not balance on my toes and not striking with my heels. Your foot doesn't raise off the ground as much and stays flatter which should give you better balance.

I hope this helps. If not, let me know!


P.S. I'd love to see a picture of your vintage find! They sound great.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much! A lot of what you mentioned has helped my stride, but I don't understand what you mean by ballet-style. Do you put the balls of your feet down first and then the heel as if you are running? I have been wearing high heels and flats for a while now and it has thrown my balance off completely. Thank you again for the advice.
The shoes were at my cousin's garage sale and I discovered belonged to my grandmother, but she had died from tuberculosis at 32 and hadn't worn them. They were from the late forties or thirdies and were designed by the "coco" chanel herself before she died.


Princess Poochie said...

When I say ballet-style I mean glide your foot forward only lifting it about an inch off the ground placing your foot down somewhat flat but leading with the front part of your foot.

Does that make sense?