Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Store Focus: Spiegel

I get a lot of catalogs. And I mean A LOT. When Christmas time rolls around, it becomes truly disgusting the amount of stuff that comes in the mail. Most of the time, however, I love catalogs and online ordering. With my crazy schedule, and my low patience for crowds, I prefer not to schlep around to the stores.

One catalog that I have always looked at but never really purchased from is Spiegel. They are a pretty comprehensive book with clothes, shoes, purses, accessories and even some home goods. I think part of the reason I've never really considered them is because I have this perception in my mind that they are full of clothes that are too Garanimal matchy-matchy, too crazily designed or too full of outfits like this:

Ugh! Or just as bad, something like this:

How wide are those friggin' pants? Anyway, even though those are actual pieces from Spiegel and they are hideous, I believe that, if you search and are selective, any store can yield a few gems that can enhance your wardrobe. A few of the pieces that rose to the top were this chiffon color-block dress. I love the colors and the style, but I think I would have done this in a less wrinkly fabric.

I do love a red suit and this has a great shape, especially the neckline and seaming of this jacket. It's sexy and professional.

I also really like this leather croc-embossed skirt. Really versatile with a great shape. I think it look much more expensive than it is. Good find there.

One thing I did notice as I was going though the book was a very strange trend in the shoe styles. Now overall the shoes in the catalog were not good. And to me, there were a great number that looked like orthotic shoes.

I have several friends who, for various reasons, have to wear orthotic shoes and/or inserts. And I know that it must be a major challenge to find shoes that are stylish but can also accommodate their needs. So, I'm sure these are some great options. However, I don't think this is what Spiegel intended and that is what has me confused. Take a look at these and tell me what you think.

Cheetah print wedge - $55

Slip-on wedge skimmer - $49

Wedge ankle boot - $59

I can't even recommend them for this purpose because they don't position them as good for orthotics, but if you get them and find they help you expand your shoe wardrobe and you like the styles, let me know.

There are some other options that do bring a more affordable price tag to some classic and even designer styles. I like the metallic (hopefully not plastic) look of these brogues that would be right at home with the menswear styles I featured earlier.

Platform Oxford - $59

I also think these chunky Mary Janes would get a lot of wear paired up with jeans and skirts.

Mary Jane pump - $49

So, overall I'd give Spiegel a 50%. There are some shudder-inducing clothes but there are some fun options too. And the prices aren't too bad. Worth checking out and picking a few key items. I think if I do place an order, I'm going to grab this hoodie here. It's my favorite thing out of the whole book - Sequin hoodie $59.

Happy Shopping!


fashiontemptress said...

Spiegal is a really weird company. My mother has always gotten their really huge catalogs, that they actually have for sale at bookstores like Barnes and Noble, but you can get for free if you buy stuff from them. She has been getting these catalogs since I was a single digit, that I can remember which would date my memory of Spiegal back to the early to mid-80's. I myself was overloaded with fashion from an early age because of her catalog obsession and I can still remember catalog companies that have long gone, but that's getting off topic. Anyway, I kid you not, there are still outfits that they have in the catalog that I remember seeing as a little girl. How or why or where they are still getting these clothes I will never know, but this might explain some of the clothes that you see in there.

Princess Poochie said...

That is how I first experience Spiegel too. I find them to be generally weird, so I've never bought anything from them.

I'm too afraid.


Anonymous said...

how do you walk in low heels? I've just recently purchased a vintage chanel peep toe heel, but I don't know how to walk in low heels. I feel like I pull my feet up too high and my heel hits the ground at an awkward angle! Imagine that! I can prance around in 5 inch louboutins (with or without the platform) but I can't wear low heels. They don't hurt, I just can't walk in them. Flats are fine, but add that kitten heel or up to 2.5 inches and I can't do anything in them.

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to mention that my name was Anelle. I wrote to you about the low heels.


Laura V said...

My problem with Spiegel is the same problem I have with Newport News -- things that look OK/more expensive than they are in the catalog or on the website invariably look hella cheap in person -- and the quality's not there, either.

Anonymous said...

please respond to my low heel issue! I really want to wear them with a suit a purchased recently for a wedding.


Princess Poochie said...


Hmmm, low heels. One thing you, and everyone, should do is make sure you are wearing a range of heel heights all of the time. If you wear higher heels one day you should switch to a flat or low heel the next, ideally. This way your foot and ankle are not trained into one position.

That said, what problem are you having with the low heel, and are they slingbacks? A kitten heel is slender and since, in the lower height, you are placing more of your weight on the back of your foot it can get wobbly. You don't the problem with a skinny heel in a higher height because you are on the balls of your feet and your balance is good.

I would try standing (in bare feet) and walking around your house on the backs of your feet - lifting the front of your foot off the floor. This can help stretch your ankles out and get you used to balancing with the weight in the back.

Of course walk around in your new shoes to get used to them. I'd also make sure the back of your heel is snug in the shoes and they fit well. And a heel cushion if they are not. When I walk in low heels, I tend to glide my foot forward sort of ballet-style - not balance on my toes and not striking with my heels. Your foot doesn't raise off the ground as much and stays flatter which should give you better balance.

I hope this helps. If not, let me know!


Cecilie E said...

Wow this post is old - but I'm crazy about the wedge ankel boot! Do you have any idea if you can still buy or find them anywhere!?