Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ensemble du Jour

Hey! It's finally time to pull out some of my tall boots. Around here, it just gets too hot to wear them most of the time. Plus, today is my wedding anniversary and I'm feeling sassy!

The Outfit
Black Anne Taylor v-neck top with 3/4 sleeves. Target dress denim pleated skirt, tall black Nine West boots that I've had for-ever! And my wedding rings of course!

The Focal Point
While the boots are, of course, HAWT, my focal point is my vintage Art Nouvou pin. It's big and excessive, which is why I love it. I pinned it front and center - right at the base of the v on my shirt.

It's very intricate and layered and the mix of metals enables it to go with a variety of colors.

You can't deny the power of iconic, sexy pieces. No matter how you are feeling or look, if you have a few key pieces you are going to still turn some heads. My outfit is pretty tame but the minute I put those tall boots on, I'm bound to get some attention. I was walking out to go to work and my hubby asked if I was taking the whip with me today? Ha ha ha!

Men soooo love the sexy shoes.

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