Monday, September 3, 2007

Color coding

For a very long time (actually until just a few years ago), I never wore open toe shoes. For all that I love shoes I limited myself to mules and pumps and sneakers but never sandals, peep-toes or slides. The main reason is because I didn't feel comfortable with my tootsies.

I have very weak and brittle nails that tend to split really low. So I never felt "sandal-worthy" and I certainly didn't feel that I could have as pretty of a pedicure as what you see in magazine ads. But I made a concerted effort (and was very careful not to bump my toes into things, like I often do) and a little while later I was able get my first cute little slides.

But, I don't get to have professional pedicures all that often. Not as much as I would like anyway. Why is that? It's the same thing with massages. I love them and every time I go, I vow I'm going to get at least one a month, but then I never do. Anyway, I also don't have a lot of time to give myself pedicures more than once a week (okay, every other week), so I struggle with what nail polish color to pick that won't clash with the potential shoes I am going to wear. I'm not organized enough to plan out my outfits and nail polish. I can't even do that with purses much less the amount of effort it would take to match up my nails. I tend to pick a few colors that will be neutral enough to go with most of the shoes I would wear (with the season taken into account).

I'm currently pining for Fall but it's still pretty warm out, so I went with Chanel's Shanghai Red. It's not a true red, more like a very sheer rose-burgundy. It's got metallic flecks in it too so it looks great in the light.

Chanel did 3 limited edition colors this past season and the Shanghai Red was one of them. The others were Noir Ceramic (a metallic charcoal) and Blanc Ceramic (a sheer metallic white). I was inspired by the nails on the Summer Sephora catalog that did a black and white take on a French manicure. The Blanc was actually a perfect pedicure color. It was neutral but had something "more" than using a pink or neutral taupe. I used this a lot.

In the Winter I tend to go with a deeper burgundy that has some metallic to it. I do like to wear a true red, like Revlon Red, but find that it is hard to do a good job on my own. Plus, I don't find red to be as neutral as a darker version. If I want a red I save that for when I do go for a professional pedicure.

The nails on my hands are just as weak. I've been trying really hard to take care of my hands and get my nails to grow. The only thing that I've found that works is Nailtiques. When I use that stuff, it's amazing! My nails actually grow and don't break constantly.

I do love the look of painted nails. But on me they tend to look kind of lame. I see girls with shorter nails that are painted dark (like black or Vamp), but on me it looks hideous. So, I end up wearing a really sheer polish. And for some reason, my nail chips off of my nails really easily too. A light polish minimized how bad they look when 2 hours into the day half of my polish is chipped off. One polish I like is Essie's Ballet Slippers.

I've also heard good things about Essie's Mademoiselle and Opi's Bubble Bath. I think I am going to get those next.

Any other suggesstions for good colors to wear or good brands?

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fashiontemptress said...

Hi Poochie,

Since I am a lover of open toed shoes and live in an extremely warm climate, toenail polish is a must. I have tried quite a few over this past summer and I have to say that I am absolutely in love with Bungle Jungle by Essie which is a bright metallic classic red shade and the second runner up for Summer '07 was Monkey Business by Essie which is a metallic cafe au lait/nude color, it's a perfect neutral. The remarkable thing is that I got both of these half off at one of the big sales at Ulta this past summer. These will become regulars for me for a long time to come. I have to say that Essie nail polish is a favorite for me because of the durability, i.e. very little chipping, and to freshen up the shade just apply a new coat and your pedicure looks brand new for a good long time.