Monday, September 3, 2007

Princess Poochie says:

Here is the latest shopping challenge that has been put forth before me:

I was wondering if you could offer some advice. I have just bought the most wonderful vintage suit to be married in. My fiancé and I are eloping to Boston to be married at the end of October. I was wondering if you could offer some suggestions on a nice shoe to go with it. I would like the heel to be no more than 3 1/2 inches high and with nothing around the ankle. I'm fine with either open or closed toe.

- J.S.

Well, J.S.

That is a gorgeous vintage suit. Lucky you! You will look elegant and weather appropriate. But, yes, the challenge is what shoes to wear with this one-of-a-kind outfit, that will work with the style of the suit, the color and the level of formality. Being in a transitional time of year, that can be a challenge. Plus, most bridal shoes are white and shoes in the bone/cream color can tend to be more summer styles with wood heels. Not really what you want in October.

I think a perfect style for this suit would be a t-strap heel or, ideally, a round-toe babydoll style with a sculpted Louis heel. I also love these which I found on eBay (click on the image)-

They are kind of small, but I hope someone snatches them up! They need some work but they have a great style and heel. Looking for shoes like this also can help define a style to guide your shoe search.

A conservative yet still dressy style are these Bandolino's on Zappos. They are neutral enough to not compete with your suit.

I really like these by Giuseppe Zanotti which are the priciest at $498 on Zappos. The wood heel is typically for Summer but I think the unusual shape, the braiding on the sling-back and the crystals elevate it. I think the shape would be good with your outfit too. And the color seems right on.

These Pedro Garcia's Jeweled d'Orsays in "fossil" are $450 at Saks. What I like is that they provide a contrast to the suit and pick up the darker tones in the fur. You could definitely wear these after the wedding.

My absolute favorites are these - Beatrix Ong's Aster - on Shoe Runway . I think these would be the best for you. They are about $250. The styling hearkens back to the time period of your suit but they are not over the top. I just adore them.

Another option would be the Beatrix Ong Sadies. They are very unusual but there's no reason to play it safe on your wedding day! You are off on a brave new adventure, wear adventurous shoes!

Hope this helps. Have fun and congratulations!

Please feel free to send me your questions. I love it!


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